Marisol Rodriguez, Fitness Girl Boot Camp Owner


Coach Marisol


I have designed my all women boot camp training, from a very personal place. I know this journey well I have been through it myself.

I remember when I first started my journey... I felt completely lost. I went to sign up to a big box gym, because that's what you do when you decide to get healthy, go sign a 3 year contract to a big box gym. After I signed up, I was excited and couldn't wait to begin. It was so disappointing when I arrived I felt lost and self-conscience about the machines and equipment. I had no idea where to start, the moment I asked for assistance, they tried to sell me on a personal training contract that was way out of my budget.

I started doing what I could on my own. My fitness journey was not going great. I was not seeing results. I got frustrated and desperate, so I began taking diet pills. I even went on crash diets, just to lose the weight fast. Well, it worked, and I began getting compliments and felt good for a few weeks, but then I began having dizzy spells… When I went to my doctor he advised for me to get off these pills immediately if I wanted to avoid a heart attack. I got off the pills, and within a few weeks I had gained the weight back, and a few more pounds! I became depressed, and stopped exercising, and I would go on junk food binges for weeks. It was then that I realized I had a bad relationship with food and I was stuck in a rut. I tried everything there was to try except the only thing that would work (long term) to eat right and exercise regularly! Until I made these two things part of my lifestyle I stopped this yo-yo life style of mine. Where I would lose weight just to gain it back. The big hard lesson I learned is that temporary results always come from a temporary fix and that I hadn't changed my mind set. The pills and the short cuts held the power for the way my body looked and the way I felt. I can tell you today that this lifestyle is learned and can not be done from one day to the next, it takes finding the right guidance, being consistent, having patience and love for ourselves.

In my journey I have learned that we hold the power to permanent change!

Once we change our life style and begin to enjoy the journey we begin to transform, we earn a kind of self respect that is only earned though hard work and dedication. Once we have this respect for our bodies it is hard to break, and the journey becomes the destination.

I found my passion teaching the women in my community how to tap into their power, the power of real transformation. For me it is important to have a place where a woman feels safe and guided when she is working out.

Especially if she is just beginning her fitness journey. I love witnessing women go from a push up on their knees to a full body push up, or a burpee on a chair to a full burpee on the floor. That makes me happy and excited to continue on my journey as a coach and trainer.

I am passionate about teaching women how to conquer their power, and to show women how to free them selves of inhibition thought healthy living and bootcamp training. When a woman is happy with her self it pours into every aspect of her life, career, family, relationships. She adds so much value to not just her own life, but the lives of her loved ones. We begin to teach and impact our own children future relationships with food, and exercise.

 watch this video to learn more about Marisol’s Coaching program "Fitness Girl Bootcamp"


Coach Elizabeth - Trainer

Throughout my life I wasn't very active or into any sports. I knew I was always intrigued in the human body and how it worked. When I got to college I was in between two majors. Either kinesiology or business. I choose kinesiology. As the years went by I fell in love with it more and more. My senior year I worked in a center giving therapy for the people who were physically disabled. I loved it!!! They were people who were in wheelchairs, stroke patients and many different other types of conditions. They would come in to get there bodies moving either in a gym or in a heated pool. I saw how their lives were positively impacted thru movement and I wanted to be part of it. I grew up with a brother with Down Syndrome. So fitness just put the two together. The love of the human body and the love for helping people achieve their goals.

After graduating from college, being a trainer was never the plan but God had a different plan for me. I started to volunteer in various places. So you can say being a trainer found me. The differences I was making in people's lives would warm my heart. Their journey would become mine. It brings me joy and happiness when my I am able to help people improve their daily lives, accomplish a goal or simply putting a smile on their face after a good sWEAT.

My motivation COMES FROM my family, my brother and the people I have come across with. Every person has a different goal. It can be from being able to walk again to being able to do a full body push-up. Whatever it might be, their mission almost becomes my mission. Their mission becomes my motivation. As much as I may impact their lives they also make a positive impact in mine.

My favorite part are the women who join the bootcamp. Every woman comes with a different background history but we are all here on the same mission. To be a better, stronger and healthier version of ourselves. The love, the support and empowerment the women give to one another is beautiful. We come together to relieve some stress, do things you never thought possible and along the way share a few laughs. ~ Coach Elizabeth


Coach Eva- Trainer

Getting my personal trainer certificate has been the best decision I have made so far in my life journey. It has opened a whole new world for me.

My goal in life is to grow into a better version of myself while I help other women achieve the best version of themselves. I want to help women find self love through fitness. To fall in love with their bodies becoming stronger and healthier. This is why I became a trainer. 

    My fitness journey started at very young age. I was never really into sports but I am glad I still found the love for fitness. Now fitness to me is everything, it can be going for walks, running, boot camp training, and even dancing.

To me fitness is moving your body. At the age of 15 my parents separated and I didn't know how to express my feelings. This when I turned to fitness to sweat out my emotions.

    When I was upset I worked out. When I was mad I worked out. Even when I was happy I worked out. It became my thing, I looked forward to doing it everyday because it became the way I practiced self love. 

    To me fitness is more about working out from the inside out. I really want women to stop focusing on the way their bodies look and turn their focus to how fitness makes them feel. I want to teach women to stop seeing fitness as a punishment and use it as a celebration of their bodies. I truly believe you can fall in love with fitness the way I did. 

Fall in love with the journey,

~ Coach Eva