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Thank you for your interest in our 21-Day Challenge and congratulations on taking the first step to a new you!

Fitness Girl Bootcamp (and Burlesque Fitness Girl) is an all-women's bootcamp in Mission, Hills California with the sole purpose of helping women become the best version of themselves! That's what we do, day-in and day-out!


Next Orientation

SATURDAY November 24, 2018 at 10:00AM

*Sorry past members. We are only taking new challengers, this offer is for NEW applicants only! If you have completed one of our past challenges in the last 6 months please consider doing a month to month or a long term coaching program. We thank you kindly for your trust in our all women bootcamp training Fitness Girl Bootcamp.

Next Challenge Begins

MONDAY, November 26, 2018 (see schedule for times)


This Is Your Chance To Try Us!


While we are confident that most women who try our bootcamp will want to become annual members (members get lower rates and additional benefits), we understand that not all women want to jump into a long-term commitment right away. After all, we all have that one tia (aunt) who loves living the single life and has no plans of settling down. You go girl. Live your life!

However, we believe that life-long fitness, like true love, does exist, and we want to make it easy for your to "date us". How else will you realize that we are "the one" and you need to put a ring on it ASAP?

That's why this NEW YEAR we are offering a very low introductory special to new members* to try us before deciding we are the bootcamp you've been waiting for!

*Sorry past members or challenges within the past 6 months, this offer is introductory and for NEW members! 

Why We Are Different


Our dedicated trainers and staff are not your typical gym rats. We are mothers, wives, students, friends, and highly trained fat-burning machines who are on our own weight-loss journey. 

We understand what it's like to struggle with weight, to have discomfort with traditional gyms, or not have enough time in the day to take care of ourselves because we have to wear a thousand hats and take care of everyone else!

From dealing with injuries, unhealthy relationships (with food, people, and more) and everything in between, we have been there ourselves...and we know what is possible!

We Know What Is Possible!

We know it's possible in 21 days!

We know it's possible to create new, healthier, habits!

We know it's possible to get bring our friends, significant others, and families onto our fitness journey!

We know it's possible to make long-term weight loss a reality!

...and more importantly, we believe in YOU!


What Does Our 21-Day Challenge Program Consist Of?

In this 21-day program you will receive:

  • Unlimited Access to our ALL WOMEN Bootcamp-style training

  • A 4-week healthy eating plan

  • Weekly grocery list

  • Menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

  • Weekly weigh-ins and consultations

  • A "Do-it-yourself Menu", which is a small guide that helps you make healthier choices to maintain your results

  • Instant access to the "Fitness Girl Bootcamp" private Facebook group, where you will connect with our coaches, as well as get support/encouragement from other women in the group throughout your 4-week journey!



Sign Up Now For A Special Bonus!

For a limited time you will also get A FREE Group coaching session with the owner of Fitness Girl Bootcamp and Women Wellness Coach Marisol Fitness Girl will sit with you and a small group of women At your appointment during your 21 days of fitness Marisol will be going over her 4 week meal plan step by step and the do it yourself menu. She will share with you the best ways for you to start working towards making this a permanent lifestyle and making the results permanent. 

NOTE:  Space is limited. Once you have purchased your spot in our 21-day program, you have that spot reserved for the duration of the challenge. There are no discounts or refunds for missed training sessions or for withdrawing early from our program!


What's The Cost?

This 21-day Transformation Program Pre- sale is $91.00, but only for a limited time! This is a HUGE savings. Especially when you consider that a group coaching and training program such as this would cost any where from $300.00 - $567.00 at big box gym. PRE-SALE ENDS November 23, 2018

If you successfully complete your 21-Day challenge, you will UNLOCK special perks and an opportunity to join our Fitness Girl Family and a membership to our bootcamp will be offered at a reduced monthly rate for completing our program. 



Fitness Girl Bootcamp

15334 Chatsworth Blvd.

Mission Hills, CA 91345


When Are Your Classes and Can I Walk-In?

Classes are held Monday-Saturday at various times of the day. Check out our schedule to see a full list of classes. Some of our classes are at capacity or almost full. For this reason, walk-ins are not allowed. When you register for this challenge, you will be able to choose a preferred class time. We encourage you to be consistent with the time, as consistency is a huge part of building new and sustainable habits. We'll talk more about this at our orientation.


Still Unsure? Learn About Our Studio!


How Fitness Girl Bootcamp (and Burlesque Fitness Girl) Began

"Fitness Girl Bootcamp" began as an idea in 2013 by Marisol Rodriguez, a mother of two, after teaching at various parks, gyms, studios, and parking lots throughout the San Fernando Valley.  This all-women's fitness studio officially opened its doors in 2015 in Mission Hills, California, under the name "Burlesque Fitness Girl". Here's Marisol to tell the story. 


Learn Through Marisol herself why short cuts are so bad and why women should take a different approach. "The real cost of weight loss!" 



Why All-Women Group Training?

From the beginning, Fitness Girl Bootcamp has stood for empowering women to be the best versions of themselves through physical fitness. We pride ourselves in being a safe space for women to be themselves.

Hear from our own members why they prefer Fitness Girl Bootcamp over a traditional gym.